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tisdag, juli 1st, 2014

”Tiny Homes on the Move” is Lloyd Kahn’s new book, which a sequel from his earlier book ”Tiny Homes”. 210 pages crammed with nomadic people who live and travel in their small homes on land or water. Campers, trailers, busses, motorcycles, sailboats, houseboats + much more. Lloyd published 2 pages of Misty in ”Tiny homes” a few years ago and I was glad when he asked if I wanted to write about our South Pacific voyage for his new book, it turned out to be 6 pages. If I ever wanted to make a book myself this is it, about travelling people and their selfmade homes.

Highly recommended.

You can order the book from: (USA) (Sweden)


söndag, februari 10th, 2013


For a while ago a volcanologiest from Dunedin in New zealand contact me after seen my blog about the ”Tonga to New zealand crossing”. He was very curious about the pumice rocks we picked up and got washed up on Misty during the sailing. Big fields of pumice rocks was floating around us during most of the crossing. All sizes from very small, up to the size of a coconut. I sent a bunch of samples to the volcanologiest and he later replied:

”The rafts you saw were products of a large under water eruption, at Le Havre seamount, in July 2012. I am tracking the still-floating rafts with satellite images; it works pretty well, but only for large rafts, so it is important to know when the first pumice arrived at Tonga, or whether any pumices arrived to NZ coasts, for example. You can get information about the eruption at:

The fate of the pumice clasts is either to progressively water log and sink on the sea floor, or to be sedimented on a beach somewhere around the world. It can take motnhs for the pumice to absorb enough water to sink, so they can travel a fair way – they are pretty amazing things, and were very lucky to cross a raft – there are only a couple of them every decade around the world, and usually coming from eruptions in shallow water. This one was from a deep eruption, which is strange. I will let you know if anything is published from my side” / Martin Jutzeler.

If I have had known that these pumice rocks were so important for some scientists, I had collect buckets of them!

Boatwork and sailing 2010

fredag, december 31st, 2010

This is a summary of the boatwork Misty undergone during the first part of 2010. Also some pix from the sailing in Sea of Cortez.

The division of the year was not fair, five parts boatwork and one part sailing. Hope it will be opposite next year 2011. Misty are in good shape now.

First of all the old bowsprit and bomkin (aftplatform) made of stainless was chopped off. To old and fragile. New bowsprit, aftplatform and railing was built bigger and made of galvanized steelpipes. Stronger and cheaper than stainless, also easier to find in Mexico. Above the aftdeck i built a rack for the solarpanels, radar and windgenerator. A hatch was made in the cockpit to be able to reach the space beneath the aftdeck. Before, that space was empty.

New winchmount and cleat was made for the genoasheet. In the bilge steelplates was welded in on the top of the concrete ballast, that to avoid saltwater from getting down inside of the keel. In addition to this, many hours was spent chipping, grinding and repairing steel from rust, and not to forget painting. Rust never sleeps…

When finally Misty touched the water again, most of it seemed to work great. During a month in Sea of Cortez i got time to try everything out.


fredag, december 3rd, 2010

This is about travel and alternative living.

Particularly about the voyage with my boat Misty but also to depict people all around who are living their dream of freedom.

Thanks to Christoffer Mathiasson (Närke kulturbryggeri) who helped me with the layout of this blog.