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Boatwork and sailing 2010

fredag, december 31st, 2010

This is a summary of the boatwork Misty undergone during the first part of 2010. Also some pix from the sailing in Sea of Cortez.

The division of the year was not fair, five parts boatwork and one part sailing. Hope it will be opposite next year 2011. Misty are in good shape now.

First of all the old bowsprit and bomkin (aftplatform) made of stainless was chopped off. To old and fragile. New bowsprit, aftplatform and railing was built bigger and made of galvanized steelpipes. Stronger and cheaper than stainless, also easier to find in Mexico. Above the aftdeck i built a rack for the solarpanels, radar and windgenerator. A hatch was made in the cockpit to be able to reach the space beneath the aftdeck. Before, that space was empty.

New winchmount and cleat was made for the genoasheet. In the bilge steelplates was welded in on the top of the concrete ballast, that to avoid saltwater from getting down inside of the keel. In addition to this, many hours was spent chipping, grinding and repairing steel from rust, and not to forget painting. Rust never sleeps…

When finally Misty touched the water again, most of it seemed to work great. During a month in Sea of Cortez i got time to try everything out.


torsdag, december 23rd, 2010

A few days ago I arrived in Guaymas. I’m back at my boat in Marina seca.

Misty had been alone for several month during the HOT summer but seems to have survived  pretty good. No big damage though a thick layer of dust everywhere. The tarp I put up over the cockpit before leaving is hanging in pieces.

Many of the other boatbums in the yard is back as well. A few lives here year around but most people leave their boat during the brutal summer. Besides chance of hurricanes and heavy rains the temperature summertime can be more than +50 degrees Celsius (120 f). Now it’s a suitable temperature around +25 C daytime. Night time can be a little chilly.

It’s taking a couple of days just to settle in. Clean up, fill up water and food and talk to people. I allow myself to take it a little easy before starting up any of the boatproject for this season.

It’s good to be back home.


fredag, december 17th, 2010

Came in to Phoenix a week ago. Stayed at the nice and quiet hostel in downtown a couple of nights. My friend Peter Langlois came down from San Francisco as well and fortunately with a car which made it more easy to get around. Phoenix is not made for people without cars. Visited also some old mining towns along Apache trail northeast of Phoenix, Goldfield and Tortilla flat.

In Tucson i stayed at the Roadrunner hostel, a great place with lots of characters. Not far from there is the Barrio micro brewery, which is worth a visit. Along 4th street lots of art, coffeshops, tattoo studios and bars. Skybar had ”open mic” for anyone who wanted to perform, as some from the hostel did with success. On the porch outside a guy with a couple big telescopes directed to a starry sky. Never seen the moon so close.

Tomorrow i’ll continue with bus down to Mexico.


fredag, december 10th, 2010

Spending 3 days in New york on my way to Phoenix. One of the reasons is to purchase some more camera equipment.

Sunny but cold and windy. Walking through Central park and entering ”Strawberryfields” which is a memory of John Lennon, not far from his home. Without knowing it turned out to be exactly 30 years ago since he was shot. Lots of people, song and music.

Beside the corner of his house i see an old custombuild bus called ”Peacemaker”. A crew of hippies around who invite people for tea and cookies. Inside the bus a warm and pleasant atmosphere. They are members of the community Twelve tribes and the bus is one of their homes. They also have a sailboat with the same name and a farm with a full equipped workshop. ”It took 3 years to build this bus at the farm. We made one out of two old ones”. They show me some pictures from the building process and i can see some serious aluminium sheet and framework. The interior has beautiful woodwork and with parts of leather. Made with same quality as if it been a boat.

For me this is a proof of successful collective cooperation.


söndag, december 5th, 2010

After spending a few month in Scandinavia with intention to save up some more money (as wasn’t as succsessful as i thought) it’s now time to travel to warmer climes. An early winter approaching and last weeks been freezing cold.

Though i’m born here and like snow and cold climate, i taking the opportunity to do some crosscountry skiing before i leave.

I wish i could stay longer…


fredag, december 3rd, 2010

This is about travel and alternative living.

Particularly about the voyage with my boat Misty but also to depict people all around who are living their dream of freedom.

Thanks to Christoffer Mathiasson (Närke kulturbryggeri) who helped me with the layout of this blog.