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New year in Baja California

lördag, januari 15th, 2011

Just before new year I went to visit my girlfriend Ginni Callahan in Baja California. I took a flight from Guaymas to Loreto. Ginni have her camp at Rattlesnake beach south of Puerto Escondido, which is about 25km south of Loreto.
For 14 years she’s been coaching kayaking and doing guided trips from this beach during the winter seasons. The remaining 6 month of the year she is doing the same thing up in Washington/Oregon or other places in the world.

For this season Ginni also brought down a kayak for me as will go with Misty further on. I will pick it up when I return to Loreto in March with my boat. Not that i’m a kayaknurd but it’s a great way to explore along a shoreline in shallow waters. Faster and more quiet than a rowing dingy.
Last year Ginni start using sail for her kayak and I now get a chance to try it as well. The sail it’s not big but it sure helps in windy conditions, especially downwind. I trying to convince her to get a real sailingcanoe instead but she disagree…
At new year eve we paddle out to Isla Danzante and camp for the night on the southeast end of the island. It’s pitch black at 7pm and i’m well asleep at midnight. Next morning it’s sunny but a little chilly. The northerly wind picks up fast and we having a rough paddle back against wind and waves.

A couple of days later we are a few people who doing the scenic hike up the canyon west of Rattlesnake beach. It been dry for a long period so it’s only water in the upper part of the canyon. Well up there after 2 hours hiking we jumping in to the pool of ice cold water. The hike down goes faster.
On my last day at the beach I helping Ginni to put her camp down. Next morning she’s leaving for Australia for 6 weeks. I’ll see her again in March.