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Marina seca

tisdag, februari 22nd, 2011

Over a month have passed since i returned from Baja California to the boatyard in Guaymas. Lots of work have been done with Misty. Some new custom made things are: Anchorwinch mount, kayakracks, bench and wood on aftplatfrom, ladder, bomgallow etc. Beside that, some changings, maintenace and repairings. The biggest labor right now is to grind and epoxypaint the deck and it takes longer time than you can image.

Though I’m not the only one here that battle with boats. This yard is like a small community, all kind of people from all over the world. Different kind of boats and all with their own problems. Some people have been here for many years. The thing we all have in common is that one day hopefully launch the boat and set sail for new destinations. A classic comment in the yard is ”I only got two more weeks”…

The paradox is, what suppose to be your ticket to the freedom can easy be your anchor. But for me I rather see people live this alternative lifestyle and keep believe in their dream, instead of rot in front of a TV in a terraced house.

Not to forget many of the people in this yard are experienced sailors with lots of stories to tell.