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Springtime in the boatyard

torsdag, maj 5th, 2011

All to the end of April I spend the time in the boatyard. Ginni also come over from Baja California to enjoy the boatwork.This year it was not so much major projects but lots of smaller things that take long time as well. Lots of time was also spend on grinding, sanding and painting.

At the end of the month we were finished with most of the things we wanted to get done with Misty before launch. Though I needed to adjust the engine so it accurately lines up with the propeller shaft. That’s very important to avoid damage to bearings and transmission.

After a proper check I realized that the engine is extremely out of position. So much that it must be lift out and the engine bed has to be changed. No wonder why the two last cutless bearings wore out in so short time…

I start to lift the engine with a come-along and I cut the aluminium oil pan under it in pieces just to get it out so I can reach the engine bed. I temporarily adjust the engine in right position with help of shim plates so I can figure a way to rebuild the engine bed. It will work but it will be another ”two weeks” project.

At this point we are tired of boatwork. We’ve been here longtime, the days are hot and in the night time the mosquitos are a pain. Ginni also only got a couple of weeks left of her vacation and we rather spend them doing something more fun than boatwork.

It’s time for a change and we decide to leave Misty and the boatyard for the summer and go back to Baja California.