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Change of scenery

fredag, juli 15th, 2011

In Port Canaveral, Florida I board ”Freedom of the seas”, one of the world largest cruiseship. This ship has a capacity for almost 6000 people and is like a floating city. It’s on the way to Caribbean. My visit was supposed to be a few weeks but turned out to be 2 month.

First week we visit Bahamas, St. Thomas and St. Martin. Next week it is Haiti, Jamaica, Cayman and Cozumel. That how it goes week after week with always a final stop in Port Canaveral, Orlando. Though I didn’t came here to play tourist. Me and my partners are here to repair some leaking pipes.

In Caribbean the climate is hot and humid. Hilly and lush islands surrounded of turquoise colored water. Around the ports everything is built up for the tourists. Souvenier shops, restaurants, arranged diving trips, charter trips and jetskis. This might be paradise for some people but it don’t take long to see how artificial the whole thing around the tourism industry is.

After 2 month my mission is over. I’m glad to walk off the ship and head for other locations.