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Slow Boat Farm

onsdag, augusti 31st, 2011


The last two months I’ve spent up at Ginni’s farm in Washington State. The farm has 21 acre and it’s located on Puget Island in the Columbia River, just at the border to Oregon. Cathlamet is the nearest town and Astoria is a half hour drive away. The location is good, not too far from the Pacific coast in the west or to the mountains in the east. Though a big tsunami or earthquake could probably wash the whole Island away, which would be a bummer…

At the moment Ginni is leasing out 15 acres and a house to a family who have lots of animals, cows, horses, sheeps, goats, chickens, dogs, cats, you name it. It’s great to see all the animals around.

Ginni and I live in the ”milkroom”, a small house which is the perfect size for us. Beside the Milkroom, there is old barn which unfortunately is slowly fallen apart. In addition to that we have a big outdoor kitchen.

Here you are never unoccupied. Just to keep the grass down is lots of work. Ginni grows some vegetables and herbs, like garlic, zucchini, tomatoes, cucumbers, kale, beets, broccoli, cilantro, beans, peas, onions, carrots  etc. Lots of weeds as well. At farmers market every Friday you can also buy all kinds of local grown food.

Ginni has owned this farm for 6 years, but has only been here during summertime. The property has water access, so she also operates a kayak symphosium on the farm during a couple of weeks every year (Loco roundup) and kayak nurds gather from all over the world.

The country life fits me good, I like open space and distance between people. I don’t mind working hard as long as I have the opportunity to leave once in a while. Travel and exploring is still the most important thing.