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lördag, december 31st, 2011

This year is coming to it’s end.

A big part of the summer and fall was spent in Washington/ Oregon. For a couple of weeks I went up to Brittish Columbia, Canada to visit some friends. With Godfrey Stephens and his boat ”Chief Mungo” we sailed from Victoria to Port Townsend and joined the woodenboat festival.

In early October Ginni and I closed up the farm for the winter, loaded the pickup truck to the brim and started driving south. Down in San Diego we spent a few days getting some last parts before crossing the boarder over to Mexico. A few days later we arrived in Loreto, Baja California, Mexico. This is Ginni’s 2nd homebase. I continued by flight to my boat in Guaymas.

The first two weeks in Mexico was unbearably hot, some days up to +45 degrees Celsius. I had very difficult to sleep during the nights, but in the beginning of November it started to cool off rapidly. Now at the end of the year it can be pretty chilly, espacially at night. Traditionally Christmas Eve was spent in Marina Guaymas together with all the other boatbums.

Happy new year everyone!