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söndag, april 22nd, 2012


Guaymas is behind us. Misty was launched in early March after another several months in Marina Guaymas. The major projects for this season were to rebuild the engine bed so that the propeller shaft could be lined up properly. Also some interior work such as new chart table and galley sofa/table to get more storage onboard. It was a big relief to set sail again and to see that the things on the boat seems to work fine.

We crossed the Sea of Cortez down to Puerto Escondido in Baja California, where we stayed for a while to continue with all the smaller projects and provisioning. It is a project just to find space and storage for 6 months of food onboard when the boat is already full of other stuff. As well have a system and be able to find it. Things can easy disappear on a boat.

At the moment we are in La Paz, the southern end of Baja California and working on the last things before the long sailing to French Polynesia. SSB radio, Pactor modem, AIS, VHF, GPS, EPIRB, Watermaker etc. All this tecnical things  have to work properly for better navigation, communication, weather information and safety. Rigging, hull and engine has been overhauled as well. The raw waterpump and the transmission had some issue and had to be taken apart.

By now we are almost out of money but ready to go cruising. The next stop from here will hopefully be Marquesas Islands, close to a 3000 nauticalmile crossing that approximately will take around 3-4 weeks if everything goes well.

Hasta luego Mexico!