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måndag, december 31st, 2012

1 1/2 month have past since we arrived in New zealand, and so far we only been in the north part. Mostly we been hanging out in the Bay of Island area, were it’s lots of coves and islands to explore. Opua, Paihia and Russell is the towns in this area. At the moment crowded with turists because NZ’s summer holiday peak. We rented a car as well and drove around the northern part of northern island.

Recently we sailed further north to Cavalli islands and to the Whangaroa area, which is even more beutiful. Of a coincidence, an old friend from my hometown in Sweden was heading this way to explore NZ on a motorcycle, which came as a good surprise. We met up with him in Whangaroa and he stayed on Misty for a few days.

The big ”End of the world” happening at 21th of December wasn’t so bad after all, at least not here in NZ. Not even a polar shift so far, and I feel sorry for all the Judgement day prophets who been told everybody what will happend.

Ginni ran into some other local kayakers in Bay of Island, which led to more kayak connections for her. It even gave her some work opportunities, which is good news for both of us. She’s my sugar mamma after all…. NOT! (if I wanted one, I should not have choosen a kayak guide, which is knowed to not be the most well payed people…)

What our plans are for next year it’s hard to say by now. Most likely, I have to bite the bullet and find a job somewhere  to extend the budget. Thats life and it’s all ok.

Happy new year, everyone!