This voyage have come to it’s end. It’s now early March and Misty is up on the hard in northern NZ since a couple weeks. I’m getting ready to leave our exploring vessel that have been my only home now for 1 1/2 years. Ginni is already back to her kayak buisness in Mexico. It is time for me as well to get a job somewhere, probably over seas. Misty will be parked here until further unknown voyages. It feel sad to winterize Misty and prepare to leave it for a longer time, so many memories together. Other side exciting of what will happend after this, new plans to unfold.

I have owned Misty for 10 years by now and it been my base to return back to every year for new sailing adventures. Together we have explored the Pacific coast of Alaska, Canada, United states and Mexico. In 2012 Misty, Ginni and I crossed the Pacific ocean.

Bye for now Misty, you’ve been a faithful companion.




One Response to “MISTY ON THE HARD IN NZ”

  1. Mathieu Says:

    I have been follwing your story and i am very sad that the story now is ending. If one day you decide to go on another sail try to dicover the Idian Ocean and make a stop in Mauritus where i live, it will be a pleasure to help you in my home country. You will have my contacts details in the following link : http://www.odyssea.mu/