Back in Wellington we started driving north toward Napier on the east coast. A pretty cool place with a long sandy beach were we stayed at a friendly hostel. Then further up north to Tauranga,  mostly to meet up with our friend William Redfern as we met in La paz, Mexico couple years ago. He’s now having his boat up in a boatyard in Tauranga and doing some work on it (sounds familiar?). It was nice to see him again. From here we went straight up to Auckland were Ginni would teach a kayak lesson for some people next day. Thanks to Russel and Larraine Williams (Canoe and Kayak) we could stay in their house for two nights. By now Ginni only had a couple days before her flight out of NZ, so we drove alway back up to Paihia and started organize and clean things up. Kayaks went back into Dave’s garage and rest of the gear back on Misty. I drove Ginni to the Kerikeri airport early in the morning and she was gone. Next time I’ll see her will hopefully be in Sweden in a few month.

I returned the car to Connor and Ellie and after that I had a few days of welding work on my neightbour boat ”Oyaragh” which owns by John and Jenny. Dave came by Misty and took me for a whole day motorcycle ride on his cousins huge farm property. Such a fun way to explore the great backcountry of New Zealand. A few days later I flew out of New Zealand myself for work overseas.

The harbour in Wellington were the ferry goes toward the south IslandOld abandoned hutRailway, north IslandBackroad around Mt.RuapehuHouse around Mt.RuapehuImprovement of our unwaterproof tentHiking in fern woodsChopped off fern treeAnother beutiful hike in NZ forestShaggy birds in their nestSmall road on the way northWilliam Redfern we first met in Mexico, now in TaurangaMount Maunganui, TaurangaSailboat seen from Mount Maunganui, TaurangaMost food stores in NZ have a good selection of micro brewed beerSkytower, AucklandMotorcycle ride with DaveHiking up the highest hillMisty in Waipapa boatyard, our basecamp in NZ

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